Diploma in Aviation Business

  • EnglishJPT : R/345/4/0674 (October 2024)   –   MQA/FA 4885
  • Management and Administration
  • Duration : 3 YEARS
  • Qualification : SPM ( 3 Credit any subjects, Pass English, Mathematics ,BM)
  • Study Level : DIPLOMA
  • Intake : MARCH & SEPTEMBER

    Flight Operations
    Airline Ticketing
    Flight Attendant
    Airline Marketing
    Air Traffic Control
Semester 1
•Bahasa Melayu Komunikasi 1
•Pengajian Malaysia 2
•Introduction to Entrepreneurship
•Aviation English Foundation
•Aviation History
•Flight Attendant Management
•Principle of Marketing

Semester 2
•Amalan Islam di Malaysia
•Religious practices in Malaysia
•Basic Accounting
•Airport Management
•Intermediate Aviation English
•Mandarin 1
•Aviation Economics

Semester 3
•Aviation Human Factors
•Fundamentals of Aircraft
•Airline Marketing
•Fundamental of Finance
•Airline Ticketing
•Advance Aviation English

Semester 4
•Airport Retailing
•Air Traffic & Flight Management
•Aviation Safety Management
•Mandarin 2
•Aviation Legislation
•Logistic And Warehousing
•Sport Management

Semester 5
•Aircraft Maintenance Technology
•Principles Of Management
•Crew Resource Management
•Mathematics & Business Statistics
•Ground Handling Management

Semester 6
•Industrial Practical Training