To provide information and guideline for any form of financial or monetary refunds against any charges
    or fees paid to the College by eligible applicant.
  2. SCOPE
    This policy applies to all students enrolled in any program offered by the College following the terms and
    definitions described in this document.
    For the purpose of this policy, the following definitions shall apply.
    College – ADMAL Aviation College
    Student/s – Any individual enrolled or registered in any program at the College.
    Applicant – Refer to ‘Student/s’ above.
    Withdrawal – Termination by request to exit or quit from continuing study in any of Study program at the College.
    Add – Adding new subject as a registered subject in a semester.
    Drop – Withdraw a subject from a registered subject in a semester.
    1. All fees are NOT REFUNDABLE unless otherwise stated in this policy.
    2. Any refund application by the applicant must be made and submitted using the “Refund Request Form” to the office of Academic Services. Date of receipt of the application shall be used as the
      date a reference for such application.
    3. The College has the right to deduce any outstanding fees or charges in the Student’s account from
      the total refunded amount.
    4. In any event, all refund application must be made within the next six(6) calendar months after the date of such event. Application received after the stipulated date will not be entertained and all fees or charges (if any), including refundable deposit, paid to the College shall be forfeited.
    5. All refund payment shall be made payable by cheque to the parent’s or guardian’s account as
      stated in the refund application form. An administrative charge of RM 50.00 shall be imposed for any cancellation of issued cheque due to incorrect information provided by the applicant.
    6. Except graduation or withdrawal of study, all credit balance in current Student’s account will be automatically carried forward by the College to offset against next semester’s fees or charges. NO REFUND will be allowed.
    7. Tuition Fee (Applicable for all student and all programs)
      In the event student decided to withdraw from program or drop a subject, refer to schedule below for tuition fee refund eligibility.
      Notice Period Eligible Refund
      Before Semester Registration Date 100%
      Within WEEK 1 of Semester 80%
      Within WEEK 2 of Semester 50%
      Within WEEK 4 of Semester 20%
      After Week 4 of Semester NO REFUND

      *Please refer to current semester Academic Calendar.

    8. In the event, student withdraw or terminate his program at the College, the student is eligible to refund his Graduation Fee and Alumni Fee only.
    9. International Student additional provisions.
      1. In the event that the Student’s Visa has been rejected by Malaysia Immigration Department, the College will refund all fees and charges, except the Application Fee, provided the Student has not enrolled and registered into College. Otherwise, above policies will be applied.
      2. Security Bond will be refunded after graduation or withdrawal of study provided that the College has not utilized, all or part of the amount, the Security Bond in any relation to any violation or any provision under the Immigration Ordinance 1959 and Immigration Regulations 1963.