Private Pilot License



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Program : Private Pilot License (PPL)

License Type : Fixed Wing (Single Engine) 

License Issuer : Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia (CAAM)

Duration : 12 Months

  • Ground School (110 hours)
  • Flying Phase (40 hours Dual Flying / 10 hours Solo Flying)


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Private Pilot License

  • Flying is both fun and challenging. It will be a huge achievement to be able to fly an aircraft safely. In addition, flying fast is also a cost effective way to travel. By having a Private Pilot License (PPL), you can fly throughout Malaysia and carry non-paying passengers but you are not allowed to charge for your services. Our Private Pilot License (PPL) program is run on weekends suitable for students, working class and professional people. All training will be done with our aircrafts, always ready at your service.

Private Pilot License (PPL) is a great starting point for you to become a pilot, mostly used for leisure and private use. Join our Flying Club and start flying today!!