A Word From Our CEO

Bismillahirrahmannirrahim …

Admal Aviation College has grown significantly since its establishment. We established Admal Aviation College in 2011 with only an intake of 61 students. We began with only 2 franchised diploma programs under the collaboration with Universiti Kuala Lumpur; namely Diploma of Engineering Technology in Aeroplane Maintenance and Diploma of Engineering Technology in Avionics Maintenance. We are very grateful for the opportunity provided by UniKL, and we thank them for all the initial help and support provided to us.

And now, we have added our own in-house developed programs, called Diploma in Aviation Business since 2014, Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance Technology since this year (and this Diploma Program comes together with DCA Cat. A1 License as option), Certificate in Aircraft Manufacturing Technician (AMT) since 2014, and our prime program that we rolled out last year, which are DCA Malaysia Approved Part 66 Aircraft Maintenance License Program in Category B1.1 and Category B2.

We currently have 136 students registered for our DCAM AML program, 249 students registered for our Diploma program, and 175 current students registered for our AMT Certificate program. In total, Admal Aviation College has 560 current students registered in campus at the moment. Alhamdullilah. We are thankful for the trust given to us, and we promise to make sure that the trust is benefited by our responsibility and professionalism.

Apart from that, Admal Aviation College is a DCA Malaysia Approved Training Organization (ATO) and recently we are also awarded by DCA as an Approved Exam Centre as well. We are very proud for achieving this prestigious status. We are NOW one of the only 3 Organizations in Malaysia that are approved to conduct basic LWTR license program, and able to carry-out examinations on behalf of DCA Malaysia. We are a very young organization, but we manage to achieve this status within a period of only 5 years since inception. To top this achievement, we are also the most cost effective DCA Approved training centre in Malaysia. We try to be professional and resonable even in our pricings.

We mostly welcome those, including our current graduates, who are interested to pursue their license as our in-house ATO student or alternatively as our part-time examination based student, which can be done while you are working. We have also launched examinations package at 50% discount offer for all our staffs, our current students and especially our graduates. You can obtain the prestigious License Aircraft Engineer status, just like anybody else.

One of Admal acknowledged programmes is our Diploma of Engineering Technology in Aeroplane Maintenance and Diploma of Engineering Technology in Avionics Maintenance, which are in collaboration with UniKL. Admal would like to express our utmost appreciation to our On-Job-Training partners who have helped us to further polish potential aircraft technicians and aircraft engineers. I would like to thank;

    • Air Asia
    • Air Asia X
    • Airod Aerospace
    • Asia Cargo Express
    • Malindo Air
    • Sabah Air
    • Sepang Aircraft Engineering
    • SAS
    • Admal Sdn Bhd

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank our local aircraft manufacturing companies, who are our AMT certificate program training partners, and they are also the employers of all our AMT graduates;

  • Spirit Aerosystems
  • CTRM
  • SME Aerospace
  • Senior Aerospace UPECA

Thank you for guiding our AMT On-Job-Training students and offering employments to them as well. We all hope that the students will take this as their start of their future career. We are proud of the person that you have become. InshaALLAH … this will be your path to obtaining a long term career and future halal earnings for you and your family.

Admal Aviation College has come a long way. It is proud to say that Admal has been able to achieve many achievements because of all of you. Our graduates today are making us proud. We are proud to share with you that some of our graduates are working at international companies like GE Aviation, Spirit Aerosystems, ST Aero; and some graduates working in local airlines such as FireFly, Malindo Air and Air-Asia just to name a few. And not just working, some of our graduates are now furthering their studies in to higher level. A few of our graduates are now doing their bachelor’s degree in I.T. Carlow in Ireland, some studying now in HAECO Xiamen in China. We are also proud to state that some graduates are doing DCAM Part 66 AML with Admal and also some doing EASA Part 66 at UniKL MIAT.

Another of Admal Aviation College’s proud achievement is our AMT (Aircraft Manufacturing Technician) Certificate program. We train 330 AMT technicians since 2014. Where we have achieved 124 technicians undergoing On-Job-Training, and 99 graduates are currently working as technicians in this aircraft industry and we are now conducting training classes for 50 students at the college. We would like to specially thank our sponsors and financial partners for the AMT Certificate program; Thank You to MOF, Felcra Training & Consultancy, Yayasan Peneraju Pendidikan Bumiputera, and PTPK, who have given us continuous support and assistance and most importantly you had made a significant change to the AMT students life, and I hope they realized it.

I pray and “doa” that all graduates will make aviation and engineering as they future career, and I “doa” that all our graduates will earn success in their life in this world and in the hereafter.

Thank You…